We are committed to serving and supporting sustainable neighbourhoods because our role succeeds where communities thrive. We will be known for our leadership edge, through our passion for high standards, our respect for the diversity of our communities and our commitment to create those exceptional opportunities for local communities in their own neighbourhoods.

Our Values

Roots Identity "Take strength from knowing who you are and are from".
Community Add value and give more to our communities.
Inclusive we will engage all residents in all neighbourhoods.
Creativity to use our gifts and talents through innovation, design and arts.
Excellent all our activities will meet the highest standards and promote safe, sensitive and involved parenting.
Expert our work will be based on the best evidence available.
Respectful all relationships between our practitioners, organisations, leisure and interest groups and stress the importance of collaborative partnering.
Sustainable we are Kaitiaki. Thinking sustainably and acting locally and we will assist our Kaipatiki Local Board to drive up the quality local resources and open spaces in local neighbourhoods that are accessible and meet the local needs.
Collaborative we will partner relevant organisations when that serves the best interests of the residents of Kaipatiki.
Accessible our activities, projects, events and programmes will be designed to be accessible for all and we will encourage participation and feedback.
Relevant we will design our activities, projects, events and programmes to meet the needs and priorities of all our stakeholders as far as possible hard to earn the community's confidence.

Kaipatiki Local Area / Our Outcomes