What is Kaipatiki Community Facilities Trust ?

The Kaipatiki Community Facilities Trust, partners with the Kaipatiki Local Board as their lead organisation to provide community development and a variety of programmes, events and projects. This community development model and the valued partnership creates real change and strong neighbourhoods in our community. A charitable trust formed in 1983, to deliver a variety of community development, community wellbeing and recreational services for the former Birkenhead City Council, and on amalgamation of the local authorities in 1989 to North Shore City Council and in 2010 to Auckland Council. The Trusts role has continued to provide the community development, and wellbeing local events and projects alongside quality community support, a Trust that is committed to serving and supporting sustainable communities because we know our role succeeds where communities thrive together and this is achieved today though working alongside our collaborative partner the Kaipatiki Local Board. We recognise that by working together, we can more effectively support local communities and member organisations to achieve social well-being. The membership of regional and local community organisations and other networking organisations includes both people in Local Government and Wellington-based Central Government, as well as those working for not-for-profit and voluntary social service organisations throughout New Zealand.

It is important to understand our vision of our organisation as being the voice of the Kaipatiki and the voice of often smaller but still important local nonprofit entities.

The Trust continually, provide support around Tikanga Maori, and all that increases Te Ao Maori, shared outcomes and benefits through collaboration with mataawaka/mana whenua driven kaupapa. The Trust will ensure that local Maori are involved within the leadership; of appropriate consultation/ hui and projects. Therefore the Trust continues to place high value on a bi-cultural approach to Maori and Pakeha working together in partnership, based on the Treaty of Waitangi, along with full engagement in our multi-ethnic and diversely rich cultural society.

Mission Statement

Collaboration and connection is vital to the creation of pathways to create the vibrant, sustainable sectors of our communities.

Our Values:

At Kaipatiki Community Facilities Trust we value:

Our Intent

To focus from the get-go on enabling and delivering collaboration action derived from what communities want and can be part of – Placemaking.

What makes the Kaipatiki Community Facilities Trust different?

Our Brand has been built over time, leveraging resources and talent for efficient and consistent expression of identity and value. The vitality that we build into the KCFT brand has the ability to develop strong local neighbourhoods and villages and prioritise initiatives and services to disadvantaged communities through collaborative partnering. Creates accessible community events, activities and projects that promote sustainable, and healthy active lifestyles including key opportunities for increased social inclusion. All the above is part of the reach of the Kaipãtiki Local Board Plan Objectives and assist every child, young person to have the best start in life, and their communities thrive. We will strengthen our ability to respond professionally to the complex and changing needs of the community while providing our people with challenging and satisfying work.

How does the Trust make a difference?

Working in contracted partnership with the Kaipatiki Local Board, brings people, organisations, sectors, and the many levels of government together to work in a collaborative impact model of work, and this happens because someone makes it happen and this is a complex task, and one that requires the organisation management to have the ability to attend to a multitude of tasks and agendas. This model of work engages people, and identifies what needs to get done which also includes a strategic plan which brings through the big picture and the various ways to achieve it.

The Trust’s Current Status:

The Trust has a contract partnership relationship with the Kaipatiki Local Board, the Trust as the lead provider and is the key vehicle for the Local Board to reach its community through the delivery of a wide and varied programme of activities, events, projects, programmes and shared spaces of networking with the wider communities of Kaipatiki. The Kaipatiki Local Board acknowledges the Trust role, and this is evident within the level of funds that are now provided to the Trust. We may also through the year hold other contracts with other funding agencies around community wellbeing. The Birkenhead Licensing Trust has provided a level of funds to the Trust over a number years to ensure that we can provide programmes that are out of scope of other funding areas as well as support to the main programmes. We also have an ongoing relationship with the Birkenhead Returned Services Association and other key players in Kaipatiki. We are accommodated at 15 Chartwell Ave Glenfield.