Graffiti Removal in Kaipatiki

The Kaipatiki Community Facilities Trusts Graffiti Removal Programme has officially been in operation since 1990, (formally Birkenhead Northcote ) and was seen one of the more successful programmes that continued to keep the communities free of tagging. In 2013 Auckland Council realigned its Graffiti Removal Services, with one large contract to cover the whole of the Northern sector, and the Trust was contracted to continue the tasks around the out of scope work, restoration, key community removal and messaging programmes in our local schools in partnership with Kaipatiki Youth Development Trust.

As the Trust will always have that committed role to ensure the Kaipatiki community is the best it can be, the Trust will continue to work with the Auckland Council Contractor Recreational Services, to ensure that is the case. The Trust will continue to place attractive murals on identified walls and sites.

The Trust and this project will undertake its work within the framework of a collaborative community development and partnership model of work, which in turn creates and promotes community pride in our neighbourhoods.

Please report all tagging/graffiti, contact Auckland Council either by phone 301 0101 or email;

Or if you have any queries around graffiti please contact us on or phone 4848854.